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Starting with Guelph, Ontario Canada in 2024 and then expanding to other communities. Our mission is to bring local together by levelling the playing field for locally owned businesses to compete against online giants and national chains.

At We Choose Local, we understand that each community is unique, with its own distinct character and charm. By championing local businesses, we aim to preserve the authenticity and diversity that make each neighbourhood special.

Through our ecommerce platform, we provide a digital space that connects local businesses with their loyal patrons and helps them reach new customers.

We believe in the power of community recommendations, and our platform allows users to discover and support businesses endorsed by their neighbours.

Our mission doesnít stop in Guelph. We have big dreams of expanding our reach to other communities, sparking a movement that will ripple across North America.

Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for a stronger, more connected local economy. Letís bring local together and create a brighter future for all.


For Businesses:

Are you a locally owned business looking to expand your reach and strengthen your community presence? Look no further! Join us as We Choose Local opens a world of opportunities:

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For Investors:

Are you passionate about supporting local economies and driving positive change in your community? Join us in our mission to empower local businesses and enrich communities:

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Together, we can make a difference. Welcome to We Choose Local!